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Apr 2, 20153 min read

How Smartwatches Changed My Life

It's been 90 days since Dee got me my Moto 360. I've had it on almost all the time and installed everything I could find. I'm addicted to new gadgets, especially when you can hack and customise the crap out of it. Suddenly, you could get short bursts of information at a glance of your wrist, you could interact with information faster and get on with what you were doing. But it didn't take too long for me to hate it.

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Jan 26, 20141 min read

It Is Time: For A Little Zen While Your Device Charges

​Android 4.2 Jelly Bean introduced a neat feature called Daydreams, which are screensavers for your device while they are docked or charging.

I designed It Is Time, a simple and minimalist daydream which displays the current time in words. So basically instead of 11:52 you'll see "eleven fifty two".

Here's the Google Play link...

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Mar 24, 20112 min read

With the Motorolla Defy, The Glass is Always Full

So my last phone one day decided it didn’t want to stick around till 2011, and thought it would be funny if it bricked itself.

Meet my latest toy, the Motorola Defy.

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