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Jun 8, 20152 min read

Chocolatey Goodness on your PC

I started using Chocolatey the other day and now I can't get enough of it. It's basically yum or apt-get but for PC. It handles installation, upgrade, uninstallation as well as dependencies between packages! No need to enable multiple updater services and best of all no more 20 clicks to find the latest download! Check out the following commands:

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Jan 26, 20141 min read

It Is Time: For A Little Zen While Your Device Charges

​Android 4.2 Jelly Bean introduced a neat feature called Daydreams, which are screensavers for your device while they are docked or charging.

I designed It Is Time, a simple and minimalist daydream which displays the current time in words. So basically instead of 11:52 you'll see "eleven fifty two".

Here's the Google Play link...

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Sep 1, 20131 min read

Bright screens hurt my eyes

Maybe it's because I'm a night person, or because I don't have much natural light in my room. But I just like my screens dim.

I couldn't find a good screen dimmer for my multi-monitor PC setup so I evolved on an existing one I found in the wild. Check out my fork of DimScreen for a multiple-monitor screen dimmer:

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Aug 15, 20131 min read

Kalq 1.0 - It's Time For An Update!

Over four years ago I complained about the skeuomorphic design of ordinary calculator tools on your average computer. A little while later I published the Kalq Project. Somehow it attracted hundreds of downloads and even made its way into Softpedia.

The best thing about it was, it didn't need much tinkering. It wasn't a perfect product, but it was simple, elegant and did it's job. Now you'd think "if it's not broken, don't fix it", but that's not how we think, is it?

I set aside some time to work on something new, keeping the old values of Kalq but improving it somehow. The key to making this more efficient, was in what some new shortcuts could do.

Kalq 1.0 will be released soon, it's been field tested by a small crew on different configurations and all that's left is to document the code then upload it to GitHub. Yes it shall remain free and open source (under GPL). So, watch this space!

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Jun 14, 20131 min read

Particle Simulations of Yesteryear

Whilst scouring my old hard drives looking for lost home videos, I uncovered this little gem back from my childhood.

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