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Nov 5, 20173 min read

Welcome Home, Pixel

My wife and I have always wanted to have both a cat and a dog. I'm not sure what led us to that dream but we've had or been close to both types of pets before living together, and learned to love the two different personalities they seem to have.

Now, almost a year since we rescued Fi, we were finally able to complete that family portrait we've always had when we adopted this little guy. Meet our latest addition, Pixel!

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Jan 10, 20172 min read

Introducing Our Newest Family Member

Her story is a little sad. Around her first birthday she became pregnant and was given up to a rescue. While taking care of her own, she even adopted another batch of kittens. As her babies grew, they were quickly adopted but she was left alone unwanted. Her story pulled on our heart strings and we just had to rescue her. She was kitty-litter trained, curious and intelligent but loving and sociable with other pets and kids, so it was a win-win!

Welcome home, Fi.

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