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Apr 19, 20142 min read

Start Playing Unity Project from Visual Studio [TIP]

If you're like me and use both Visual Studio and Unity, how many times have you accidentally tried to run the game from Visual Studio?

Unless you've bought UnityVS, there's a dead simple (and free) way to launch your Unity scene from Visual Studio and get that feeling of warmy goodness from all the seamlessness.

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Sep 8, 20101 min read

Keep Certain Windows Always on Top of Others

How many times have you wanted a window to be on top of the screen while you do something else with another.

You can get that little Pin icon on your windows through the free version of DisplayFusion. There are other features such as multi monitor taskbars that even work with Windows 7 and extends the wallpaper shuffling features and keeps the native smooth fade transitions other similar programs lose. Some of these features are not free however.

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