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May 24, 20152 min read

Developing The Power User's Best Friend

The app launcher on the desktop computer is the power user's best friend. A quick shortcut key and suddenly you have access to everything. No clicking, manual browsing or even scanning one's eyes around. All you have to know is what you're looking for.

After years of trying out apps like Launchy, Enso, Google Desktop, and being heavily jealous over QuickSilver and Alfred on Mac, I decided it was high time to write my own for PC and break past existing shortcomings and uphold to certain visions of my own.

Its goal was simple...

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May 16, 20093 min read

Visual Studio WPF Designer Issue and Workaround

It's one of those nights. The loved ones are fast asleep. You slowly un-entangle yourself from your wife's loving arms and creep out of bed. It's 4 am as you fire up the laptop, inspiration burning in your heart. Stretching the digits, preparing for the early morning coding to come you wait for Visual Studio 2008 to start. But wait... what's this?

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