Blackstorm Alpha

Jet fighter game

It’s no secret I love my jet fighters. It’s their superiority over the skies, their pure power and engineering that goes into these machines that make then so amazing. It was a few years ago during a boring lecture, I started drawing sketches for a jet fighter game. Every existing title had bored me so far, it had neither the excitement nor the overkill I craved.

That night for fun I did some research into game engines and ended up making a group of cylinders and boxes roll across a mountainous terrain. My addiction to this game grew and so did the encouragement of my friends who all wanted their hands on early betas.

So the Blackstorm Alpha project was conceived, and at one point I had about fifteen good friends have their hands on the evolving game. Be sure to check out the videos videos and blog posts about it!

Modelling the aircraft

Testing multiplayer

UI Sketchup

End result

Split screen