Confessions Of A Note Junkie

Imagine if there were no search engines on the internet? It’s hard to even imagine what the internet would be like, but for one thing, it would be nothing like what it is now.

To get even the slightest grasp of the idea, imagine if libraries had no book catalogues. No, wait for it… and now imagine if all the all the books were shelved in pure random. I haven’t finished. Now imagine instead of shelves books were lying all over the floor at varying distances from each other. Okay now imagine there’s a fog and you can only see a few meters in front of you. The only really upside is that you can teleport.

That’s the power of the search engines of today that we so easily take for granted. They map the internet and provide us with the information we want from around the world straight to our screen at the click of a button.

It’s no surprise people joke about wanting Google in their house to find their keys and remotes. Information is a unique resource, unlike oil, water, energy or power, it is forever, it grows exponentially, there’s always demand, and thanks to the internet transportation is fast and cheap.

The prospect of teleporting about in a psychotic grand library of low visibility randomness is off-putting for many of you. But as a self-confessed note junkie who takes invaluable notes in sync with an endless stream of thoughts, I live in such a world.

The thing with note taking is that you’re materialising thoughts onto paper with pen to avoid them fading away into oblivion. What’s ironic is that my notes, having been externalised, share a similar fate. It really hurts when I find notes from eras past to discover epiphanies and contemplation beyond imagination. To know it got onto the life raft of a failing memory to only drift away forever abandoned.

I am in a desperate need needed a customised system of note taking that is both easy and sustainable. And so I have my first project on this site.