What Do You See?

Making machines think is extremely difficult. This is because we don’t really know ‘thinking’ really is to begin with,

I came across this image from ‘Meet David’, a trailer for the popular 2012 movie Prometheus. It’s a digital Rorschach test presented to an AI to investigate how it thinks.

It got me thinking. What do robots really think?

The Rorschach test was once a way to determine certain thinking patterns involving displaying abstract ink blotches on paper. Since everyone thinks differently it exposes one’s biases. A good example of this is the famous dolphins image, where the young and innocent see dolphins and others see a naked couple.

It’s a good approach in trying to model how the insides of something works, when we have no idea what is inside it (a black box system). We apply this in everyday life, think of the last time you guaged someone by testing their personality with a random joke or comment?

You can now see why I find it interesting why a man-made program is given one.

It just begs more questions!

  • what’s with the arrows on the sides?
  • is that some kind of automaton rule set?
  • if so why is it given?
  • and does that mean the pattern isn’t random?
  • how is the pattern made? In all honesty, yes I know it’s a dramatic visual purely for extreme graphical representation, but it’s got me thinking about thinking. And you know how much I love meta.

Anyway, my question to you guys who managed to read up to this part:

What do you see?