Mind the Cobwebs

I guess sporadic updates were expected when I set up this domain, but this just has to be ridiculous. I know I could start by an unnecessary list of excuses that have kept me from regular posting but… from a few months as a pizza guy, to getting a proper new job, a new camera, a few birthday gifts, turning 21, passing the 2 hardest subjects in my course and obviously a random traffic infringement (is that even a term?) – I’ve been hardly home to access Live Writer :(

This hasn’t kept me from dreaming up ideas. I’ve been playing around with Visual Studio 2010, Expression Blend 4, the Android SDK, the UDK and making more progress on that godforsaken car computer (bought a OBD plug to hook up car to laptop, well really I told Andrew to buy it).

A new section will come about soon in the site which will be Gallery. This is gonna be a section dedicated to photography (and wallpapers), thanks to the new Canon S90 I found myself in ownership of.

Sorry for the lack of effort here, my bad. All’s not abandoned though, I promise! Just mind the webs.