Get Smart DJ and Other Features Back in Zune

Microsoft secretly removed the Smart DJ feature along with a few other things in the new Zune 4.2 update for international users. I’m Australian and scouring the www, it looks like we’re the hardest hit.

If your Zune is missing Smart DJ then you’re one of the many people of a non-US country whose existence Microsoft is unaware of. Luckily you can re-enable these features and more.

Have a read through and download the registry file and run it

Restore Zune 4.0’s Missing Features

The above link will get you working with all the hidden features, but SmartDJ was not included in that article (at time of publishing), so try doing the following

Add a DWORD (32bit) with name QuickMixLocal and set its value to 1. This goes in the same place as the other feature overrides described in the above linked article.

This SmartDJ hack was discovered by registry ninja EwanD (see post ‘01-28-2010, 8:03 PM’) in this Zoom forum post

We thank you again, collective people of the internet.