After 3 Months, We're Back on Track

Hey look Ma! It’s one of those posts about how the website’s got a new theme.

My last few layouts weren’t what I wanted, and this one was a complete rewrite and purely own design. With faster loading time, simplicity, readability, less JavaScript, more CSS, static pages and post previews in the main page.. this theme looks promising. But that’s not all I’ve been working on the for the last 3 months of silence, in fact there quite a lot I’m going to be putting on here soon. I just needed to get this new site developed so I could upload things and link them in appropriately.

So what else?

Well Kalq made it into the Softpedia database a little while back. This is quite surprising since I didn’t really advertise its existence. It’s still in major beta and I’ve worked on some much better (and more accurate) branches which we’ll see coming pretty soon.

I also started developing on Android, and coming from some WPF and C# experience, it was an easy transition to Android. I’ll go into more of the projects I have planned for it later.

I’ve also been writing a Note program similar to OneNote and EverNote, but because of my lack of time to continue I had to abandon it and instead use OneNote. I hope to use some of that code in my upcoming work for a Getting Things Done manager. And there’ll be plenty more posts about that as well.

Also, Remember the Car PC I was alluding to in previous posts? It’s most likely going to happen now. Me and my good friend Andrew have been working together on ideas and he’s already bought the equipment for his. Right now we’re looking into hooking it up to the on-board computer of the car.

And finally, back to the new theme (sorry), you can see on the right some new navigable links. Articles, Projects, Gallery and About. Articles are tutorials and help documents I write which don’t really belong in a blog post. The Projects section will clearly show what current work I’m doing and provide appropriate links and images. The Gallery will contain artwork and photography that I share. The About will try to explain what this site is about, but will probably fail and instead go off topic. I’ll also be looking into incorporating a Featured page to become the new home page.

All in all, posting here is going to go back to the regular frequency. Watch this space!