Last Message from my Teen-ages

Monday tomorrow, May 25 of 2009, is going to start off with a three hour long lecture about how you can apply complicated maths to signals and get a result of even more complicated maths and signals. Two hours later I will have a 10 minute speech due, 0 minutes of which I am prepared for. To make things even more interesting, we must use overhead slides as opposed to PowerPoint. Because, you know, these buildings were made 65 million years ago. Oh… and I have a test on Tuesday. Two actually. But despite the madness, Monday still holds some goodness.

Tomorrow just so happens to be the day I turn 20. Yes it’s been two decades of being spun around our local star, and boy it’s been a hell of a ride! So you can understand why I can’t really study.

At around midnight last night I decided to stop studying for a while and treat myself to a really complicated problem that required plenty of troubleshooting and research. A late night challenge to ease the mind. After all it was my birthday.

I looked at my mobile phone. The one with the bottlenecked message space. The one my friends knew not to message, because I wouldn’t get it. All that was left on there were really valuable message from the past. There had been plenty of set backs in trying to archive the messages, but at about 5pm today I did it.

More on what I did in my next post. I should really get back to studying.